Myths and Facts About Injuries From Auto Accidents

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Myths and Facts About Injuries From Auto Accidents

Myths and Facts About Injuries From Auto Accidents

Our Norcross chiropractor knows that there's a lot of false information out there about what to do after auto accidents. This information may keep you from getting the help you need to heal. 

If your car survived the accident fine, that means you are fine too 

Looking at your car, you may assume it's fine because you don't see dents. Yet you're not a mechanic and you haven't checked under the hood to make sure all the car's systems are fine. Your body is the same way. Just because nothing is broken, you can't assume you are fine. Only a wellness provider can tell if you're fine after an accident.

To make sure I'm fine, I should go to the ER after auto accidents 

If you are bleeding or suspect you have broken a bone, please go to the ER for urgent care. If there is no medical emergency, leave the ER space for those who truly need it.

Many auto injuries, including whiplash, have a delayed onset time. If you see a medical doctor right after the accident, they can't diagnose an injury that isn't there yet. If you see a chiropractor, we will check your spine and soft tissue to look for hidden injuries that may cause pain later. We know how to identify symptoms of whiplash. 

It's natural to feel pain after an auto accident 

Pain is your body telling you that something is wrong. While your body will be stiff and sore after the impact of a crash, these symptoms should not linger for more than a few days. If pain and stiffness persist, come to our chiropractor for natural auto accident treatment. We'll gently return your spine to its natural alignment, reducing your pain and inflammation. Spinal adjustments also awaken your nervous system, so your body self-heals its injuries. 

Our chiropractor in Norcross welcomes anyone who was recently in an auto accident to come in for a consultation. Our chiropractic services are offered in English, Spanish, and Farsi. To reserve your appointment, email us or call today.