At Injury & Wellness Specialists of Georgia, chiropractic care in Alpharetta, GA and Norcross, GA is natural, holistic, and gentle. We provide a variety of treatments for patients in our care, to meet their unique health and wellness needs. Whether you're suffering from a recent musculoskeletal injury, or have a chronic painful condition, we have the skills and experience necessary to safely treat your conditions.

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At Injury & Wellness Specialists of Georgia, we provide the following chiropractic treatment for our patients:

  • Spinal Adjustment Spinal adjustment is a technique that chiropractors use to put the vertebrae of the spine in proper alignment. Spinal adjustments can help people who have been injured in accidents as well as people who suffer from back pain and neck pain. In fact, many people who seek spinal adjustment do not have muscle pain at all. Spinal adjustment helps improve communication between the brain and the rest of the body, which can help with immune functioning, digestion, and other normal body processes. In this way, spinal adjustment helps patients maintain good health.
  • Massage Therapy Massage therapy helps loosen tight muscles and improve blood flow in the body. Massage therapy works well with spinal adjustment to speed healing and improve overall body functioning.
  • Ultrasound Therapy Ultrasound therapy is a method of treatment that uses ultrasound waves to heal injured parts of the body. Ultrasound therapy also breaks down scar tissues in the body, relaxes the tissues, reduces inflammation and stimulates blood flow.
  • Cold Laser Therapy Cold laser therapy is a non-invasive method of treatment that chiropractors use to reduce pain and swelling in injured areas. Cold lasers penetrate the skin only to a certain depth, to accelerate healing just below the surface of the body.
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation Electrical muscle stimulation uses electrical impulses to contract the muscles. Electrical muscle stimulation can build up muscles and endurance. This technique is used by athletes and bodybuilders.
  • Disc Decompression Spinal decompression is a method that creates negative pressure around the vertebrae of the spine. This technique is used to rehabilitate patients who have a herniated disc and similar injuries.
  • Nutrition Counseling & Lifestyle Advice Our consultation services are to help patients adjust their behaviors and stay as healthy as possible. In addition, we teach patients to perform stretches and exercises that improve mobility and flexibility, thus speeding the healing process.

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At Injury and Wellness Specialists of Georgia, it's our mission to heal and treat patients in Alpharetta GA and Norcross GA, and the surrounding communities. We treat patients who experience a variety of aches and pains. From auto accident injuries to sports injuries, we can help patients recover and feel their best. To get started with your chiropractor in Alpharetta GA and Norcross GA, call us today at (770) 800-1000.