Auto Accident Injuries

woman holding head next to auto accident

Suffering from a car accident can be a very frightening situation and even a painful one. That's why it is important to visit a high-quality chiropractor

in Alpharetta, GA and Norcross, GA whenever you experience one. At Injury & Wellness Specialists of Georgia, we can provide a comprehensive and holistic treatment method for your injuries.

Why Seeing A Chiropractor Is Important After A Car Accident

If you suffered from an accident in Norcross, you should see our chiropractor immediately. This fact is particularly true if you are suffering from any pain. Even if you don't feel pain, a chiropractor is still a wise decision for a variety of reasons. Just a few common benefits of visiting a chiropractor include:

  • You May Not Notice Injuries Right Away
  • Inflammation Can Be Very Painful
  • Scar Tissue Can Be a Lifelong Problem
  • Serious Issues May Be Hidden
  • Long-Term Pain Can Be Avoided
  • You Can Restore Your Full Range of Motion

How Soon After An Accident Should You See A Chiropractor?

If you are debating seeing a chiropractor after an auto accident, don't wait a moment longer than you have to before the visit. Many types of injuries aren't immediately apparent after an accident and can get worse over time.

However, even obvious pain issues can require immediate care. For example, severe pain caused by soft-tissue damage needs to be repaired as soon as possible. If you don't get it repaired immediately, there is a strong chance that the damage will spread and cause more issues.

How A Chiropractor Can Help

A high-quality Alpharetta GA and Norcross GA chiropractor can identify any problems that occurred in your body after an auto accident and provide treatment. For example, they can see if you suffered from any whiplash after the accident or if you tore any other soft tissues in your neck, back, or in other areas of the body. They can then provide detailed and specialized chiropractic care to the injured area to ensure that it recovers. For example, they can:

  • Manipulate an out-of-alignment spinal cord
  • Treat pain caused by a burst or slipped disc
  • Repair soft-tissue damage with myofascial care
  • Massage pained areas to improve blood flow
  • Provide holistic care to manage this issue

Seek Auto Injury Care At Injury & Wellness Specialists Of Georgia

If you have just gone through a car accident and you need help managing any injuries, please contact us at Injury & Wellness Specialists of Georgia. Our pain treatment providers will identify the source of your problem and treat it effectively. Call us at (770) 800-1000 to set up an appointment. We look forward to helping you manage this common problem.