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Chiropractic Auto Injury Treatments

4 Important Chiropractic Auto Injury Treatments

Injuries caused by auto accidents often take a long time to heal. Throughout the healing process, you might feel intense pain and discomfort in and around the damaged areas. If you enlist the help of a chiropractor during the recovery period, you can not only relieve pain and discomfort, but also speed up the healing process. Chiropractors can perform the following treatments to help you recover from automobile accident injuries.

Manual Adjustments

Firefighter helping woman in auto accidentYour chiropractor will use results from a physical examination and imaging tests to determine if the accident caused skeletal misalignments. If so, you may need to receive regular manual adjustments to realign the affected regions. Chiropractors can realign the bones and joints in the limbs and spinal column to reduce pain and enhance recovery. The manual adjustments often relieve pain and discomfort caused by muscle strain, nerve entrapment and joint stress.

Massage Therapy

You may cope with the pain and discomfort of skeletal misalignments by holding your body in unnatural positions. This type of compensation often strains muscles, causing knots and tightness to continually worsen. Throughout the manual adjustment process, your chiropractor will identify tight muscle groups and relieve the stress with massage therapy techniques. Massage encourages healing by releasing knots in the muscles and restoring blood flow to the area. With the increased blood flow, your body can resume repairing damaged fibers for a quick, full recovery from auto accident injuries.

Therapeutic Exercise

As your muscles cope with the strain of auto injuries, you may start to feel weak and fatigued. The weakness may allow your skeletal system to sit out of alignment, even after manual adjustments pull everything back into place. Therefore, you will need to restore your strength, endurance and flexibility with guided therapeutic exercises. The exercise sessions help your body heal, reduce pain and retain the restored positioning achieved with manual chiropractic adjustments. You will be encouraged to continue the therapeutic exercise program after recovering from your injuries to keep your body strong and healthy.

Sustained Traction

If your auto injuries caused excessive nerve compression, you may need to receive sustained traction treatments to release the sensitive fibers. Traction expands the space between your joints and spinal discs to release compressed nerve bundles. Chiropractors usually pair traction with manual adjustments to reposition the nerves, so they do not recompress once you return to your normal daily activities. You may notice that traction also significantly reduces pain as it stretches your muscles and relieves stress on your joints.

Finding Auto Injury Treatment

Upon sustaining an injury during an auto accident, it is important to seek care from a chiropractor in Norcross to minimize future complications. Untreated injuries can heal improperly, causing a lifetime of pain for the patient. Damaged joints and muscles may flare up during bad weather or after intense physical activity. Obtaining auto injury treatment from a chiropractor ensures the body can make a full recovery without lasting complications.